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Habil and Qabil (the story of two sons of Prophet Adam)

“Semua anak Adam dilahirkan secara kembar dampit; laki-laki dan perempuan. Beliau kemudian menikahkan anak laki-laki pertama secara menyilang dengan ank perempuan kedua. Beliau memiliki dua anak laki-laki bernama Qabil dan Habil. Qabil merupakan anak laki-laki pertama yang lahir bersama Zar’a (ada yang menyebutnya kembaran Qabil bernama Iklima), dan Habil anak kedua yang lahir bersama dengan Dhar (ada yang menyebutnya Labuda). Saudara kembar Qabil memiliki paras yang lebih cantik dibandingkan dengan saudara kembar Habil.”

According to Sami bin Abdullah Al-Maghluts, citing Imam Tabari in "Tarikh al-Umam wa al-Mulk", explains; Abu Malik narrated from Abu Salih, from Ibn Abbas, of Murrah al-Hamdani, from Ibn Mas'ud
, from the Companions of the Prophet who said:

"All children are born as twins Adam Dampit; men and women. He later married the first boy to cross with the second daughter. He has two sons named Qabil and Habil.Qabil was the first boy born with Zar'a (some call it a twin named Qabil Iklima), and second son Habil, who was born along with Dhar (some call Labuda). Qabil has a twin brother who looks prettier than the twin brother Habil. "

Prophet Adam and Qabil to marry Habil's twin, and vice versa. But Qabil refused, because she was older than Habil and her twin were born together with him. "She was my sister who was born with me. She was prettier than your sister. I have more right to marry, "said Qabil.

Both were then asked to make sacrifices as offerings to the Creator. Who is the victim received, then he will marry his brother Qabil. Qabil made an offering of his garden a bad outcome, whereas Habil takes a fat sheep as a sacrifice. Finally God accept Habil sacrifice.

This, upset Qabil. So he looked for a way to kill Habil. At that time, Adam had gone to Mecca. Before leaving, Adam asked the sky to keep his family. "Take care of my son very well." But the heavens reject it.

Adam then says to the earth, but earth was rejected. Adam asked the mountain.Same with the heavens and the earth, the mountain had refused the request of Adam.Finally, Adam said to Qabil, and Qabil promised to guard it. Then, it happened that Qabil killed Habil murder.

Qabil and Habil left the corpse in the open. Because, he does not know how to bury her. Allah then sent two brothers crow tail. Both are fighting each other, until one of them died. The crow then dig the soil with its beak and crows bury the dead. When Qabil saw that, he said: "Alas, why am I not able to do as this raven, so I can bury the corpse of my brother." (Surat al Maidah [5]: 31)

Adam came home and found one of his sons had died because of killed by his own son.

"Surely We offered the trust to the heavens, the earth and the mountains, but they refused to undertake it, being afraid, and dipikullah mandate it by humans. Behold, the man most wrongdoers and very stupid. "(Qur'an Adzab [33]: 72).

He is Qabil, humans are not trustworthy in fulfilling the mandate Prophet Adam to keep his family. Thus the statement of Imam Tabari in al-Tarikh wa al-Mulk Umam, Volume I, page 13.


diungkapkan Syauqi Abu Khalil dalam bukunya "Athlas Al-Qur’an". Syauqi menjelaskan, pembunuhan Habil terjadi di Makkah. Inilah pendapat yang paling kuat. Sedangkan Qabil, setelah membunuh Habil, ia pergi melarikan diri ke daerah Yaman. Demikian diterangkan Ath-Thabari dalam Qishash al-Anbiya. “Qabil melarikan diri dari ayahnya (Adam) dan menuju ke daerah Yaman.”

Adapun Adam, menurut sebagian riwayat ia hidup hingga berusia 1000 tahun. Riwayat lainnya menyebutkan, usianya antara 950-1000 tahun. Dan jarak antara Adam dengan Nuh juga 1000 tahun atau 10 abad. Demikian keterangan Ibnu Katsir dalam kitabnya Al-Bidayah wa an-Nihayah. Ibnu Katsir menjelaskan, ada seseorang bertanya; “Ya Rasulullah, apakah Adam seorang nabi?” Rasul SAW menjawab, “Ya, nabi yang diberikan wahyu.” Orang itu kembali bertanya; “Berapa lama rentang waktu antara Adam dan Nuh?” Nabi SAW menjawab; “Sepuluh abad.” (HR. Muslim).

Described by Sami bin Abdullah al Maghluts, murders committed by his brother Qabil in self-named Habil took place in Makkah. Because, Mecca is home to Adam and Eve after they fell to earth.

The same thing also expressed Syauqi Abu Khalil in his book "Athlas Qur'an". Syauqi explained, the murder of Habil happened in Makkah. This is the opinion of the most powerful. While Qabil, after killing Habil, he went fled to Yemen. Similarly Tabari explained in Qisas al-Anbiya. "Qabil fled from his father (Adam) and into Yemen."

As for Adam, according to some versions he lived until 1000 years old. Another history says, was between 950-1000 years. And the distance between Adam and Noah also 1000 years or 10 centuries. Such information Ibn Kathir in his book Al-Bidayah wa an-Nihayah. Ibn Kathir explains, someone asked: "O Messenger of Allah, whether Adam was a prophet?" Prophet Muhammad replied, "Yes, the prophet who is given a revelation." The man asked again: "How long span of time between Adam and Noah?" The Prophet replied : "Ten centuries." (Narrated by Muslim).

In his book Historical Atlas of the prophets and messengers, Sami al Maghluts explains Adam lived an estimated 5872-4942 years BC (BC). While Noah probably lived circa 3993-3043 BC (Age 950 years). See also explanation in Usairy Ahmad al-Tarikh al-Islamy.

According to some history, Adam was buried on the mountain Qasiyun, in the Damascus area. Syauqi Abu Khalil added, in Qasiyun mountains towering in the city of Damascus from the north there is a cave called the cave Magharatud dam means blood. This cave is very famous. By some communities in general, it is believed to be the place where Qabil killed his brother Habil.

Its location is situated on the right path from the direction of Damascus towards Zabdani and Balaudan. Meanwhile, in the area of ​​the mountain towering above the river valley there is a grave Bardi in length about 15 meters. Some people believe it as a grave Habil. And Allaah knows best.

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